Laguna Beach – Episode 8 Reviews & Clips

The reviews about Episode 8 “Spies, Lies and Alibis” are coming in from all over the blog world… says “Love is in the air this Valentines day in Laguna. The roses are ready, the candles are lit and the tables are ready for a fresh serving of drama.” says “it’s always a holiday in Laguna Beach, and this time, it’s Valentine’s Day. Love, or at least, something like it, is in the Laguna breeze. In true LB-fashion, the big event is not the holiday itself, but the bash Tyler and little sister Nikki are throwing. ” says ” Hey Beach Bums! Love is kind of in the air this week as Valentine’s Day approaches on Laguna. Raquel and Tessa are in the kitchen baking up something special (these two are just a couple of regular Betty Crockers, are they not?) and Rocky is rubbing it in to Tessa that her boyfriend, Alex, is planning a special V-day surprise for her. Tessa gets a backbone and (not) jokingly tells Raquel to “shut up” with all her swooning, because Tessa is sans a Valentine.”

And now from YouTube (Goggle’s newest billionaires!)

Part I – Episode 8 Video

Part II – Episode 8 Video

Part III – Episode 8 Video


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