Episode 9 – “First Date, Last Date”

Once again the blogging world is in an up roar over the newest episode of Laguna Beach….

TVcocktail.com – “Back from Europe this week, Jessica vents to her friend Emily about Cameron and Kyndra’s winter formal hookup. Jess goes off on Kyndra, calling her every name in the book, but gives Cameron enough credit to have dinner with him that night. This is a perfect example of why Jessica irks me. She should be mad at CAMERON, who is supposedly her boyfriend. ”

RealityTVCalendar.com – “Laguna Beach fans, I’ll confess, there was one burning question that bothered me throughout the episode. How many times Nick would suck up to Cameron? Nah, too easy. How the ‘popular’ crowd would react to Tessa’s date with one of their own? No, but it did relate to Tessa’s new man. Why does Derek look like he’s 40?”


EW.com – “It was huge-revelation night on Laguna Beach. I mean, this isn’t Lost — or even The Nine or, God forbid, Six Degrees — so remember that the term ”huge” is relative. ”

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


17 thoughts on “Episode 9 – “First Date, Last Date”

  1. whats the 1st song they play on episode 9 season 3 “first date,last date” – when jessica is talking to emily it goes something like “we can run to the ocean, run to the ocean.. let the sea carry..”?? HELP PLEASE

  2. what is that song on laguna beach episode 12 or 11..it goes somethin like “cause he dont love you like i do and i cant chase you anymore?”

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