MTV and Interscope Records Team Up to Release Laguna Beach Soundtrack

Laguna Beach Soundtrack

Laguna Beach: Summer Can Last Forever in Stores November 7
Soundtrack Available Exclusively on URGE Beginning October 24

MTV and Interscope Records have teamed together to bring fans of the hit reality television series “Laguna Beach” a killer soundtrack, appropriately titled Laguna Beach: Summer Can Last Forever, due in stores November 7. Always key in narrating the show’s drama, the music in “Laguna Beach” has helped shape storylines, giving the feel for the ensuing cat fights and teen romance. Now fans can enjoy all their favorite songs from all three seasons of the series. The album is available with eight different covers so fans can choose their favorite cast members including Kristin, Lauren (LC), Stephen, Jason, Tessa, Chase, Talan and Kyndra. Each CD has a poster inside featuring the cast members from all three seasons. The album also includes interstitial dialogue from the show between the tracks.

Track list includes:
Hillary Duff – “Come Clean”
Soulkid #1 – “More Bounce in California”
The All-American Rejects – “It Ends Tonight (acoustic)”
Ginger Sling – “Out Of My Head”
Sugarcult – “Bouncing Off the Walls”
New Found Glory – “It’s Not Your Fault”
Long Beach Shortbus – “California Grace”
Vaughan Penn – “I Can’t Help Myself”
Dashboard Confessional – “Rooftops and Invitations”
Angels & Airwaves – “The Adventure”
Lifehouse – “You and Me”
+44 – “When Your Heart Stops Beating”
Alissa Moreno – “Next Time”
Atherton – “California”

Additionally, the soundtrack is available exclusively before it hits the shelves beginning October 24 on URGE. URGE users will be able to buy the album for $9.99, individual tracks for $.99, or download it as part of their URGE subscription. URGE, MTV Networks’ digital music service, is available for free download at


4 thoughts on “MTV and Interscope Records Team Up to Release Laguna Beach Soundtrack

  1. puff que wapo es stiphen de verdad no se como le gusta kristin si es too fea deveria irse con lc (lauren)
    es mas wapa y mas monas no como la kristin

    talan tbm esta muy weno el deveria irse con taylor
    jason es too feo aunk en the hills es el novio de lauren en laguna beach deveria irse con jessica es mas wapa k alex parece ombre esa xika de verdad

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