Songs from Laguna Beach shows

Are you looking for that one song from your favorite episode of “LAGUNA BEACH”. Well here they are….

Go to THIS PAGE to find them all – Season 1 through 3.

Here is from Episode 307: Hook-Up, Cover-Ups

Keane- Is It Any Wonder
Summer Obsession- 8 a.m.
Jesse Sheely- The Coast Is Clear
Heather Waugh- You And Me
Jaime Paxton- Anytime
WADE- Fall On Down
WADE- Coming Down
Hilary Duff- Beat Of My Heart
Fall Out Boy- Dance Dance
Avril Lavigne- Fall To Pieces
The All-American Rejects- Dirty Little Secret
Britney Christian- This Time It’s Mine
Alissa Moreno- My Own Way
P!nk- Long Way To Happy


40 thoughts on “Songs from Laguna Beach shows

  1. whats the song that played in spies lies and alibis, when rocky was on her date, something to do with will you be my valentine? lol

  2. does anyone know the title of the song that was playing when alex and his frined was playing golf in season 3 episode 11. The song goes something like this ‘ don’t love you like i do. No way. And i cant kiss you anymore……’?

  3. i’ve seen that page before and it’s cool but it hasn’t been updated with the songs from the newer episodes. is there anywhere else that i can go to to find the songs from the newer episodes?

  4. Does anyone know the name of the song that’s playing when Alex asks Rocky back out. It goes “my smiling face is wondering how I let you down. & Im trying to find a way to let you know Im not going anywhere” or something.

  5. Check Wikipedia – look under ‘Laguna Beach’ and all music is listed by episode; unfortunately I cannot find the song from season 3 episode 11 that Cecilia was looking for too – it’s not listed and I would love to know who wrote that as well.


  6. what is the name of the song playing in season 2, episode 207 when alex, taylor and another girl(forgot her name) are discussing kristans ski trip? where can i get a copy

  7. HELP, is anyone there? to help me with music, season2episode 227 , music at the end of episode where taylor alex and another girl are discussing kristans trip to ski resort.

  8. Hi I would like to know the song that played at the end of the episode of the prom in season 1. Lauren, Morgan, Lo and Christina are in the limo and they sing that song. Thanks

  9. “Whats the song that played in spies lies and alibis, when rocky was on her date, something to do with will you be my valentine? lol”

    It’s Get Up kids- valentine

  10. MTV needs 2 come out with a CD with all the songs from Laguna Beach and The Hills . The music on these shows are so awesome!!! Some of the songs I can find but most of them I can’t.

  11. does anyone know the song when the lc lo morgon and christina are in the limo and they song is played in the background when there taking pictures…
    please love it so much and want it plz lol

  12. I really wanna know the lyrics to the song when cameron and kendrya or in the jacuzzi and it goes like “come on we aint gonna live forever let me show you all the things that we could do i know you wanna be together and i wanna spend the night with you” i freakin love that song i half to know it

  13. hi guys! anyone know the name of the song played on the season2 – episode 7 – at 15minutes40secds til 16minutes20secds (when kristin, jessica, alex, jeff..are packing theirs clothes to coming back to laguna)? anyone know??? 🙂

  14. in Laguna Beach Season 2: Episode 8 on the beach.
    You see alex and jason kiss and hug eachother and you see jessica looking.
    The songs goes something like this:

    Its the way he makes you the
    and the way he kissis you

    can someone help me and tell me what te song is called !?

    Kisses Sophie

  15. whats alex singing at that fashion show fundraiser for that was for the houses that went down the hill. remember…???
    she was saying “hello hello hello”
    its the episode where jason kisses jessica and lauren see them!!!

  16. heyyy i need helpp!!!!!! I was just rewatching laguna beach again this summer and i found a song in season 2 episode 2 where and during the song they go from jason and cedric to kristin in the car with her girls the song goes something like “seventeen feels so strange my parents said it all would change they lied to me they lied to me they lied” then it said something about senior year being queer i really need help please help

  17. in the 3rd episode of season 3 (we’re gonna crash a party)
    what is the song called that is played after rocky and tessa talk about cameron leaving kendra’s xmas party as rocky does her makeup??
    please help.

  18. dyu noe the song in the episode where rocky goes to the pool party and is like ignored. it goes something like “I believe in miracles” and theres another one that goes “theres gotta be some more”


  19. hey guys can anyone tell me the name of the song,its from season 3 episode1 when alex.m,and alex.h are together in a car and they are going to hangout with jessica and taylor.the lyrics i don’t know but they are something like this”all my girls……clap your hands this for you….my boyfriend doesn’t answer the phone,i even dont know where the hale he goes…..halo(hal0….,halo… if anyone know please mail me the name of the song on my email id and from where i can get that song.

  20. Hi Sue, This is sabby.
    Thank you very, very, very ,very,very,very much (10000 times).I got the exact song i wanted. Take Care and God bless you.

  21. does anyone know what the song in season two ep two goes like senior year feels so queer they all told me it would be my year, they lied to me they lied?

  22. what is the song when kristen and talen are out to dinner and it goes.. ‘was i good enough did i have enough to offer, il always learn the hard way im always going to falter’ please help its been driving me crazy

  23. anyone know the song in season 3, episode 8..last song when kendra and tyler are breaking up… it goes something like this
    “tell me how it ends now ill be on the other side of everything you know and i can hardly breath now everything i have ever known”

  24. After years and years of watching laguna beach. I finally found the song that played on season 2 when kristen was ignoring talan. It goes like “your bad news, bad news, bad news.” It constantly repeats. Good song. Every one should check it out. It could be a song you never got the answer to.

    Rilo kiley- portions for foxes ( also played on just my luck commercial, not featured in the movie.)

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