Lagune Beach Episode 11 – “The Three Day Rule”

So what do you think about Laguna Beach and where the cast is headed….

here’s what the blogger’s had to say about episode 11: “So, Chase’s band is playing some big concert this week and Laguna is all a buzz with anticipation.
Alex and Stephen ask Lexie and Rachel to go to the concert with them and, although the girls are skeptical about Alex, they agree to go. Derek acts all cool with Cameron and Nick and says that he doesn’t have real feelings for Tessa. Tess and Raquel gab over Derek’s lameness when Chase shows up to make it all better. He defends the male species with some ridiculous rant about how sometimes guys just need their space and there’s really nothing to worry about until a guy ignores you for three days. What? No self-respecting chick waits to be ignored.”

Celebrity Cafe – “After last week’s bonfire, Raquel is left heartbroken over Alex. Although she says she still has feelings for Alex, this does not stop her from accepting an invitation for a date from Nick. Meanwhile, Tessa vents to Rocky about her confusion over her relationship with Derek. Tessa feels like Derek is ignoring her and she is unsure about what she should do. ”

Watch the full episode at:
MTV Overdrive

YouTube – part 1, part 2, and part 3


11 thoughts on “Lagune Beach Episode 11 – “The Three Day Rule”

  1. hey..does ne one know the name of the song that is played when Tessa and Derrick talk abotu like taking a break its osmething about being over you thanks bye

  2. I am dying to know the name of the song playing as derrick is picking up tessa for their first date and they are walking out to the car to leave, what song is that, ( not i cant chase you sont) cus that is the break up song, I am talking about the song tht is playing as he picks tessa up on their date and as they are walking out to get to the car to go to the restaurant. pleaseeee help

  3. i dont like derek i think hes a player and he doesnt deserve any of the laguna girls neither does cameron because that guy is just dirty

  4. i really really REALLY want to know what the name of that song is. it goes “cause he dont love you like i do, and i cant chase you anymore” ive been looking for it forever
    could someone please help me out 🙂

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