Laguna Beach Episode 12 – “Only in Cabo”

Once again…the blog world weighs in on Laguna Beach….

TV Cocktail – “Spring Break is back and better than ever! Our Laguna-ites prepared for their Spring Break trips and we find out early that Tyler is also going to Cabo (um, he’s like an old man stalker) and that Tessa and Rocky are NOT going. The girls are headed to Virginia to spend some quality time with Tessa’s family. How sweet. See, these are the nice girls. Though I’m nice and I wouldn’t give up a trip to Cabo. Anyway, I digress. Tessa hopes that absence will make Derek’s heart grow fonder and that he’ll want her back when he returns from Mexico. I don’t see it going that way, Tess, as Breanna sets her sights on Derek.”

TV Blend – “It’s probably not the Cabo locale itself that drives the LBers into super random hook-ups and other not-so-random, waiting-to-happen hook-ups, but the ubiquitous availability of inhibition-less alcohol. The usage of the word “slut” certainly hits its peak each season at the Cabo episode, dating back to the classic Stephen-Kristin fight that momentarily drove Stephen to LC (and this season was, thankfully, no exception). This season may have created the new precedent of spontaneous appearances of LB parents in Cabo. ”

YOUTUBE – episode 12


11 thoughts on “Laguna Beach Episode 12 – “Only in Cabo”

  1. hei , can somebody help me? i wanna know the song name when the breanna ,lexie and 2 guys(i don’t remember their names ,cause i don’t watch it veri much) are going to ride scooters it was ” i’m diven in to you when the water is .. ” thats all what i remebmer but i’m not sure it’s right what i heard:D

  2. ´i’m sorry it wasn’t diven i don’t know what the word means 😀 i’m form estonia i’m sorry:D
    but pleas does anybody know that song?

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