Virtual Laguna Beach lets you go on Spring Break or Prom

Virtual Laguna Beach

MTV announced a series of upcoming events that will take place in “Virtual Laguna Beach.” All events in-world are designed to let fans “live” out the storylines they see on-air by creating special environments that mirror the story arcs and themes of the television show. Virtual Laguna Beach members even get the chance to watch full episodes of Laguna Beach a full day before they air on MTV.

Upcoming events in-world include:
* Spring Break — featuring an appearance from Laguna cast members Kyndra
and Cami — Premiers Nov. 1, 2006
Members can take a road trip down to Cabo San Lucas, blow off some
steam, soak up the sun, participate in games and even partake in bikini
contests, just as the cast does on-air. Kyndra and Cami from Laguna
Beach season three will join the party in-world at Spring Break on
November 1, 2006 and members will have a chance to win great prizes.

* Prom, featuring a performance by hot new band Cartel — Premieres Nov.
7, 2006 Take a risk at dating games, and show off your dance moves as
you party the night away at Prom. In addition, enjoy a special concert
by Cartel and an opportunity afterward to meet the band in-world.


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