Brody Jenner & LC Split!

Brody Jenner & LC

Brody Jenner likes to keep his women coming and going just like ping-pong balls. And why these girls continue to fall for him is beyond us.

It was recently revealed that Brody Phony has moved on from his relationship with Lauren “LC” Conrad and quickly called out “Next!” before the blonde barely even had a chance to infuriate her MTV “Laguna Beach” rival.

The womanizing playa – who started dating Nicole Richie shortly after he ended his relationship with Kristin Cavallari earlier this year – has apparently gotten bored of LC as well and gone back to his “pimping ways.”

The 23-year-old recently confirmed with People magazine that LC is no longer in the picture and, before the year is over, he’ll probably have dated almost every young starlet in Tinseltown.

He told People, “We’re not together anymore.”

The pair dated for less than a month.


3 thoughts on “Brody Jenner & LC Split!

  1. Brody Is an Idiot! He was lucky to get LC. When his mommy and daddy’s money is gone or they cut the leach off, He will be on the surreal life asking ” Dont you know who my parents are?”

  2. i rly like lc as i watched her in laguna beach season 1&2
    she just seems really genuine.
    so i dont know why they broke up.
    but stephen & lc from season 1&2 should have been together.

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