Residents of Laguna Beach “Mad about Show”

Residents of Laguna Beach, Calif., have accused the MTV series named after the sunny locale of focusing on the city`s negative points.

Local political candidates and parents have become more and more outspoken against the MTV reality series, accusing ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’ of increasing crime and substance abuse in the Southern California city, The Los Angeles Times reported.

‘It was a boneheaded move. I would never let my child participate,’ said parent Ketta Brown about MTV`s filming. ‘Hopefully this show will die a natural death.’

The criticism of the TV series follows a recent study that claimed Laguna Beach to be tops in substance abuse in Orange County.

‘When it was so hot this summer and people asked why, I said, `It must be MTV.` That`s how ridiculous it has become,’ Candace Hurley, a mother of two, told the newspaper. ‘People now blame MTV for everything.’


17 thoughts on “Residents of Laguna Beach “Mad about Show”

  1. I suspect the “increasing” substance abuse is more about police actually catching them as opposed to actual use going up. This is happening in a lot of richer suburbs, even here in the midwest.

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  3. I really dont think that Laguna Local’s that are turned off by the shows taping’s need to worry for much longer, The show is quickly taking a turn for the worse, Every season it tends to Jump the shark even more. The first season was An A+ the second Season was a B- the third season is a C if not a D, So the forth will most likely reek failure for the ill fated reality show. I wonder what local store owners think of the tourist money that has flooded there buisness day in and day out? I believe that MTV should start a reality show about the people that are protesting the show for all the wrong reasons, substance abuse is growing in all of the suburb neighborhoods all laguna beach the real oc is guilty of is showing the world how the better half live and how they act compared to the real world.

  4. i think people are overacting..its a tv show not the end of the world..they need to get over it because its gonna keep going and i hope it goes on.

  5. I lived very close to Laguna, and saw the difference in the town when I went home to visit last. It was a frigging ZOO, even more so than it was when I lived there. Laguna never had a problem with tourists before, now it is just ‘too much’ because of the show. When I went home, everyone was talking about how crazy it has gotten since the airing of the show. It used to be that Laguna was a place that people could vacation and have a good time, now you have ALL KINDS of strange people going just to look at the rich….

    I do watch the show now, because I miss the sites of home, and am glad that since I moved away, I can turn on the TV and get to see it from a far, however, I am glad that I don’t have to drive through the MAJOR TRAFFIC on PCH and deal with the ROAD RAGE.

    I like my far away low profile town that has just as much status, without the traffic and attitude 😉 Laguna Beach was beautiful, now it is over exposed. Sad to say 😦

  6. these parents are stupid its a show does it like tell teens in laguna to get drunk and fight nooooooo thats everywhere people wouldnt think this but i acctually think sandy, utah is worse i live there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i would think the ppl from laguna would be pleased with tourest comming they spend money and help the little stores stay afloat DUH what is it with ppl and BITCHING about every little inconvenance

  8. i think Laguna beach is wicked i love it. I dont see why people are against it, its lot like the production of this show is getting people killed, plus i think they shud take this as an advantage is it portrays laguna beach as a nice place with lotrs of thinsg to do. I hopew thi show doesnt cum 2 an end.

  9. okay where do i start… i have two sides to what i think about laguna beach a good side and a bad side, il start with the good side. I watch laguna beach as i find that its a realy good show an i feel its exactly what most teenagers are goin thru in lives, the gettin togetha wid guys, da break ups, goin shoppin, havin parties, pool parties. I also like watchin it cz i like seeing da difference from british life 2 american life as im british and also i like to relate to the compre what cahracters i am like n i fell that im more like Breanna. My bad side to this is that i personsonally feel that when teens watch this, they automaticlay try to behave like the characters in lagunda beach especially like Kyndra and her clique. i realy dont know if the lives portrayed in this show are real as the teens seem to have more independance as they always seem to be goin partys hangin out wid boys, drivin all da way to cabo mexico and making out wid boys, it like come off is is dat actualy real these kids r like 16 and they have all dese independence, they have nothing bethha 2 do den waste der parents money then all da kids in england try 2 hsve a life like this and start to watse there parents money.

  10. I love this show and I dont care what anybody else thinks. They should be glad that their town has became so popular it brings up their sales. People on this site need to get a grip and think about it instead of trying to bad mouth it because really its ridiculous I live in stockton a couple of hours away from there and I love traveling there and staying at my second house. So if you dont live there then dont judge it.

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  13. Just been there on holiday a nice enough place could’nt see any obvious problem with crime or substance abuse. There was a small lawn near main beach with a few homeless people on it but they did not seem to be any real problem. If anything the place could do with livening up/diversifying – still dominated too much by artists. Still, restaurants, beach/surfing/diving all good to do and you can always travel into LA by car from there. Thought they might cash in on the MTV show a bit more but they don’t seem interested in doing this. During the week many more hispanics in the area than show might depict but more whites perhaps present at weekends.
    Watched the show which was alright for a laugh and viewing all the girls on it. Dubious on the reality front since having the camera there at a certain time something happened obviously too much of a coincidence. Besides producers need to put something together that is coherant which is unlikely in a true reality setting in general society. Most liked Jessica during the show, she was attractive and rather well developed.

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