Season Finale of Laguna Beach

MTV: Music Television today announced the live one-hour season finale of the popular reality drama Laguna Beach airing November 15 at 10:00 PM ET. MTV brings fans closer to their favorite Laguna residents with a live interactive finale. In a first-time, post show special, the cast will move the viewing party online to answer fan questions and introduce an exclusive performance by Laguna Beachs very own local band Open Air Stereo who will perform live and exclusively on Fans can also get closer to Chase, Kelan and the rest of the band after the performance in an exclusive virtual meet & greet in Virtual Laguna Beach.

For the first time ever, the cast of season three takes the stage together in front of a live audience with host Susie Castillo from MTVs Times Square studio in New York City. Who is Cameron dating now? Will the girls play nice? Having the cast live on stage together for the first time promises some unexpected drama. The cast will take questions from the studio audience and fans at home can call 888-311-4343 with their questions during the show. Fans can continue the viewing party with the cast after the special by logging onto where the cast will answer questions and reveal the dirt they couldnt show on TV.

On the November 15 finale episode, the seniors wave goodbye to their high school days as they face their graduation. With new beginnings on the horizon, emotions are running high in Laguna Beach. Camerons loneliness leads him into Jessicas arms while Breanna and Rocky once again mend their friendship, much to Tessas distress. The cast prepares to part ways with tearful goodbyes as Kelan heads to college and Chase heads for LA to record an album with Kelan and the rest of the band.


One thought on “Season Finale of Laguna Beach

  1. i think these parents are over reacting please everything now and days is always a problem to them! I think theres nothing wrong with the show! i think they should come out with a season 4 because hello we want know what happens with the girls…kendra,tessa,briana,raquel,cami..etc! then what was the point of ever making a season 3! parents are so annoying and they dont know what their talking about! just because they dont like the show hey it doesnt mean kill it for everyone else how stupid and selfish is that! anyways MTV will always be hot for bringing out laguna beach and a season 4! thats what i think and my opinion does counts! mauhzz

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