The Hills DVD coming to stores Feb 13th.

The Hills DVD

The Hills – The Complete 1st Season arrives in stores on Feb 13th.

From “Laguna Beach’s Lauren (LC) Conrad is all grown up and it’s time for her to leave “the bubble” and make a life of her own. Follow Lauren to LA as she attempts to balance a demanding internshi at Teen Vogue and a full course load with a demanding nightlife and a full social calendar. But at least she won’t have to do it alone. Along the way she meets several friends who expose her to a different part of the city, each chasing their own dreams. The Hills tells the story of four young women on their own for the first time and the fun, laughter and drama that they all share.”


14 thoughts on “The Hills DVD coming to stores Feb 13th.

  1. Will the Hills be available in australia
    and is it Feb 13th?
    Where is it available is it in stores or just online?
    Please make a season 2

  2. ok just to the people who asked if there will be a season 2 of the hills well it has been on Tv for so long I love it byt he way I already have the season 1 of the hills on DVD I love it there is so much drama love it.

  3. omg i luv the hills i have only just started really watchin it this year but i havent seen the first lot of it but from what i have seen in the second one i cant wait tell the 3nd one comes out… um i was just woundering i u could tell me were i could gety all the dvd of it

  4. mmkkaayyy , well no shit i LOVVVEE the hills oo lord
    cant even put it in words , but i was wondering .. where i can get it and HOW MUCH it is . season one AND two .

  5. where can i buy season 1 & 2 from in the closest store to wollongong or would you advise me 2 buy it on ebay???
    thanks heaps

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