Final Episode – “See you in a Decade”

Well, there is alot of buzz about the final episode of the 3rd season. MTV made it interactive…and we will see if that was a success.

here is what the blog world has to say…. – “Sigh. It was graduation day in Laguna as the Seniors prepared for their big day, and the Juniors complained that they were being left behind. Derek, Kelan, Chase and Nick moved their tassels to the other side, as Kyndra, Cami and Cameron looked on. The girls cried while the boys celebrated. You know, a typical graduation.” – “Laguna Beach: Absent Parents And Mansions Full Of Drama – Let’s raise our red cups and toast to absent parents and mansions full of drama. It’s the season finale, folks, and it doesn’t get any better than this… well unless “Temptation Island” came back on the air, that would be the best ever! Anyway, here we go… ” – “The masterful editors of Laguna Beach just proved that you can really just wow people in the end to make up for an inferior beginning and middle (and the couple of weeks before the end). This season had incredible past finales to live up to and, thanks to the ingeniousness of these editors, this finale invoked the intricate angst of pre-summer high school endings, while staying true to the show’s gloriously vapid roots. The stakes were at their highest, reminding us why the delectable melodrama that is ‘Laguna Beach’ is so incredibly riveting. Tessa made a whiny narrator undeserving of a role previously held by LC and Kristin and Kyndra made a villainess that tried way too hard at being mean, but somehow this one epic hour of LB journeying made watching the rest of the otherwise drab season worth it.”

See the trailer on YouTube


12 thoughts on “Final Episode – “See you in a Decade”

  1. the last episode could have definitely been better i mean i kinda feel bad for tessa she lost her 2 best friends and for once cameron got put in to place which was great but i cant wait to see next episode BRING KRISTIN BACK!!

  2. To stephanie,
    yes Rocky and Alex are still together according to MTV 2 Canada laguna aftershow. It was confirmed that they are still together

  3. i live in israel soo i dont know like you things about the t.v show because we in israel in the begining of season 4 and sometimes the let us see season 3 so i saw the t.v show in the internt by download it.
    if someone can enter to my mail and tell me the news
    when the 4 season will start i will be happy and greatfull
    my mail is

    i love this show but i dont know what will happen next?in the future about the charcters and the t.v show
    help me please
    if you have skipe
    add my to your friends list my nickname is babushh

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