Will there be a Season 4?

Season 3 cast of Laguna BeachTMZ.com reports “As of this moment, a decision has not been made as to whether or not a fourth season of “Laguna Beach” will be ordered.”

They are suppose to begin filming within a few weeks….which has annoy many Laguna Beach parents & locals.


109 thoughts on “Will there be a Season 4?

  1. i hope they don’t do another season. they had NOTHING to work with. at one point there was a full 5 minute commercial break during one of the shows. give up on this one mtv.

  2. i really want a season 4. at first i hated this laguna but it was eventually fucking amazing:) I loved Tessa and Rocky and the whole cameron deal. hes a hotty and derek too. you should really haev that season!I LOVE LAGUNA BEACCHH BITCHES

  3. i think they should make a 4th season because it left all the jrs and no one knows what happened and the show is the best thing that ever happened to me.

    oh and i think that mtv should make a tv show at our school.
    South Pasadena High School

    our school is the 3rd biggest stoner school.
    its filled with drama u thought laguna had drama u have no clue what ours is like from fights from a girl having no friends that she had to leave the school cuz no one would talk to her getting the police involved with false accusations seniors beating up a freshman because he wrote seniors suck all over the school.

    but the freshman class is the only class that actually has drama all the other classes are chill and dont worry about that stuff but you should really consider it.
    Liz gatley if shes reading this please contact me malcoml friedman or any creator i will answer any of your questions that you have?

  4. I really hope that they have another season. I love laguna Beach. I wish that i could be on Laguna Beach. It is a very popular show and i think that it would be a good idea.

  5. I LOVED this season and every other season of laguna!
    i wanted to cry at the last episode of season 3
    i dont know what i would do without season 4 to fill me in on whats goin on between tessa and rocky!

  6. I have a question..
    Does anyone have the laguna beach soundtrack: Summer can last forever? Or knows where I can find it ? I’ve been looking for it everywhere!

  7. You have to film another laguna beach how would we know what they’ve been up too kyndra and cami are my girls i’m kind of just like them,tessa needs to get over herself so you guys have to bring it back it’s real fun

  8. hay i live 4 laguna beach it is the best show eva! Me and my best friend r lyke tessa and rocky! Cameron and Derek r so fuckin HOT!

  9. i really enjoy watching the show as it’s obviously real and because of that portrays real issues and even the most petty things are realistic and happen a lot in my life and so it’s great to have something to halp get thru it all!

  10. please make a season 4…. I am kind of obsessed with the show!! I saw Tessa today and I got nervous and I couldn’t even say hi!!!

  11. Omg i soo hope u guys make a new show that was like my life on wed. nights seriously i love this show everyone i know i have gottn hooked on it… please make another show and yeah.. JUST DO IT!!! ~Brittany~

  12. CLASS OF 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY SENIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. i hope there will be a 4th season i wasn’t quite sure about season three but then i really got into it i hope more hot guys come back like kelan and alex

  14. i live in israel soo i dont know like you things about the t.v show because we in israel in the begining of season 4 and sometimes the let us see season 3 so i saw the t.v show in the internt by download it.
    if someone can enter to my mail and tell me the news
    when the 4 season will start i will be happy and greatfull
    my mail is bab_ush@walla.com

    i love this show but i dont know what will happen next?in the future about the charcters and the t.v show
    help me please
    if you have skipe
    add my to your friends list my nickname is babushh

  15. Thier better be a 4th season i mean can you imagine thier not being anyways like thier better be and they cant bring jason back hes in jail anwaysa Tessa and rocky were fighting so I NEEd to see what Happens


  16. Der betta be a next 1. but i wish that mi school waz like
    a laguna beach, but da ting i hate iz da commercials. it’s so long. dey should just make da show go all da way. but i want a 4th season. if dey make it cant wait tu see it

  17. hey guys..laguna beach is the best show ever…i liked everyone on it this season..i got so attached to rocky and tessa it was wierd lol…i love the show and i really think they should make a season 4..they better..im going on vacation to laguna beach with some friends this summer…should be amazing…maybe ill chill with some of the cast and drink from some red cups…woohoo party 2007 happy new years everyone 😀

  18. omg i am obsessed with laguna beach i think that there should be another season of this tv show i am in australia and think that it should be going on for another season i love it and want more and more of it…..

  19. i haavent even see season 2 or 1 but im in love with laguna beach of season 3 its a goood showwwwww please let there be another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111:D

  20. i am obsessed with Laguna Beach!! i absolutely love it and cant wait for Season 4 to start. But when the heck is it gonna start lol..someone fill me in!!!

  21. i have been waiting since the last sow aired for a next season and me and my best frien are like die – heart fans and cryed when the last show ended

  22. I Really Hope Theres A Seaon 4 , laguna Is Pretty Much The Best Show Everrr. But I Still Dont Understand Why Alex H.(My Fav) Was Never In The Credits During Season 2! Any whoo , There Will be A Season 4!!! Or All Hell Gonna Break Loose 🙂

  23. I think that MTV should do a 4th show. I think that it is so lame of the parents in Laguna to diss the show the reasons being that it is not showing the arts and all Laguna has to offer. I think thats bull the show is not about the arts in Laguna it is about a group of teens and the things that teens go through. Not to mention that it has shown us that teens can make a diffrence example being how they did the fashion show to raise money for the people who were affected by the hurricans. I think that goes to show us all that they were raised well and that they are not just spoiled rich kids. I love the show it takes me back to when I was in high school I hope that they do do a 4th show.

  24. PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SEASON,, i’VE BEEN watchin the DVD’s forever, and getting annoyed of reruns but I’ll always be glad watching Laguna,, but Laguna is the best show ever

  25. WOW they better be making a 4th season as we speak !!! I am going to Cabo for Spring Break in March and you better believe we will be on a laguna beach search for cameron. hahha, what do you think the chances are???

  26. Every since Laguna Beach started and all my friends watched it they have called me “LC” since my name is Lauren and I look like Lauren from the first and second Season. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 4 WITH THE OLD CHARCTERS AND THE NEW ONES.

  27. I think there should be another one, its my favourite show? and give up on this one mtv? no way.. like obviously this show is ALOT better then the OC. cause guess what OC is being taken off the air. keep it up mtv. its an amazing show, im addicted.!!

  28. I think that this season was alright i liked season one and two MUCH MUCH better4. i didnt liek the fact that we never saw breanna like barley liek HELLO LC’s sister!!!

    if you do plan on a 4th season please make sure that theres some good drama they have lots to live up to with kristin and lauren on the previous years.

    MTV come shoot a show at my school you’ll be surprised just how much drama goes down there everyong always tells me that myt life is liek laguna beach with the drama boy fighitng girl fighting aruguing its better then the third season of laguna beach was ill tell u that much !!

    seriously though heres some of a low down of whats happend at my school within the past year
    my best friend had sex with my boyfriend of 4 months we did work it throiugh and i did get back with him and then we broke up in the summer although you no oys he led me on for about liek 5 months then found a new girl whos only in gr 9 and im in gr 11 like please and she so not hot either.Shes a stupid LG as we call them … Little Girl. Now shes outa town and hes trying to hit me up AGAIN while hes seeing her. Good i hope that he cheats on that ugly biznatch
    Then there was a girl me n my friends were friends with but shes a total snob anda spoiled rich bitch and no one can stand her. once her boyfriend broke up with her i just had enough of her.She was so annoying and liek told us not to ever talk to her ex even though hes one of my really good friends. so then i had my bday and she wasa invited just cuz i felt bad not inviting her and i had a party limo bus. Well she goes n tells her mom bout everything that im gunna have drinking and boy her mom calls my mom big thing so from therein we havent spoken some ppl harasd her and she gets cops ionvolved obviously thats just her phsyco family. weve had so many meeting and stuff for this big thing its just liek ugh.
    and inbetween this we have all the liers gbackstabbers friends who pretend to be friends and hey well next years my senior year and were plannin on goign away for spring break … its gunna be insane.
    well theres just way to much stuff thats happend so far to tyhpe out it would be a 6 page essay.
    its a plus we have hot girls and hot guys at my school
    Notre Dame Secondary School thats in Vancouver British Columbia!
    seriously look into it Liz gatley i hope your reading this.

  29. I am totally in love with laguna beach. California is my calling. I swear i belong there. If there isn’t another season I will be so devestated. I don’t know what i would do with myself. All I do in my free time is watch laguna beach and the hills. So please mtv give me another season of laguna beach. I will say that season 3 needed more drama and more beef. I would rather meet the cast of laguna beach than any other famous person in the world. Kristin and lauren pretty much made the show with being enemies. Kyndra and Rocky were fake. It’s like they were trying to hard to be like the previous casts. And by the way, tell cami she shows wayyyyyyyyyy to much cleavage. Not even the boys like it. Cameron on one of the episodes told cami that her boobs were falling out of her bathing suit, then he was like ewwwwww. So please mtv make a season 4 of laguna beach. I would be more than happy to be a part of it. And by the way if you could hook me up with meeting the cast that would be great. Love Ya

  30. For a few months of fame, these kids are screwing themselves for life. MTV is making money off you all, and you’re hoping to get into acting/singing…yeah right…no one will take you seriously. For starting out at such a high social rank, the laguna beach kids are gonna end up at the bottom. Go to a good school (not arizona st) and use your looks in the the board room. Not getting boffed by another wannabe and catching a disease. MTV is about to cancel season 4….believe it.

  31. i think that laguna beach was great and it does have its down points but it back out twice as good and you need something to do while laguna beach isn’t on and its not the same without laguna beach so there should be a 4th series.

  32. i love lauguna beach they need to start a new season it is the beast show ever and i love cameron i think he should of dated tessa they were so cute together!

    PS cameron is so hottt!!!! and dance is the best yeah lexi

  33. ok i kinda hope there is but it was kinda stupid after season 2…. because season 1 and 2 tied together very good becasue of steven and kristin and luaren but season three was kinda gay bc…how was it related?….exactly it wasnt…oh wait luarens siter….she wasnt even in half of the episodes

    so im mixed on this one

  34. i hope there is a season 4…i love laguna beach. my favs are lauren taylor and Rocky…so hot. has anybody got nay info to whether it will be the same cast or have they decided to bring season 1 and 2 people back?

  35. i reslly do hope that there is a season 4!! .. because its a really good show and i enjoyed it! i love all the drama but then i also love when everyone is getting on and i like seing when they go out on dates and that.but some things what they say is so chessy but then really sweet. i didnt get to see season one but i watched all of season two and three and it was grate i want to see some more so please do another show!! 😀
    and i want to see more of “LC” and that lot because i enjoyed season two aswell and i want to see how kristen is gettting on because that girl caused so much trouble and i want to see how her life is doing “Haha” anyways.. my point is that they should do a season 4 please!! xx 😀

  36. A lot of people didn’t like the show that much, however I really enjoyed it. I mean I bought the entire season from iTunes! I loved the fact that it featured a more diverse cast. I mean Kyndra was half latino and Cami was bi-racial, although I am not quite sure what her background is. I liked the drama, and the parties, and the bitchiness. It was funny, and entertaining. I thought it was well put together, too, and it really showed who most kids are; superficial, yet emotional, and still growing. Comical, and had likeable characters. What else is it missing?

  37. YOU HAVE TO bring laguna beach back!!!!!!!!!!! it is the best show in the world!!!! i think everyone needs to know what happend with like everyone!! and we need to know if rocky and alex are back together!!!!!!!!!! cmon dont be mean on us!!!

  38. I hope laguna beach comes back I wanna know what happens to everyone especially tessa and rockie. If i dosen’t come back I will be very upset.

  39. ya i want laguna to come back with another season..i want to see what happend to everybody!! so please bring it back!!!! SOOOOOON!!!!!

  40. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss


    please bring back laguna beach i love the show it’s awesome

    i want to find out what happen to cami,tessa,rocky,cameron,chase,kelan,kyandra, lexie,brenna,derek
    and everyone else

    i love laguna beach

    visit: myspace.com/mada9 peace&love

  41. this show stinks really bad you should not be aloud to even play it on tv. it sucks a*** anyways i think that you all are skanks but the boys are pretty cute. Tyler needs to get over that one beep and go to Camerone because she is so pretty. She is the only one that i like on the show. I watch it because of her.

  42. I want there to be a season 4 there isn’t enough good tv anymore and I loved it some much please bring it back please.

  43. Hey guys! Well I love all three seasons and I hope there is a season 4! Laguna Beach is an awesome show. Plus I love getting fashion tips from all the girls. Also the guys aren’t that bad to look at either so please have another season and more!!!=]]

  44. OMG, im completley obsessed.
    ask me ANYTHING about this
    show, & ill get it rightttttt.

    i wrote a letter to mtv.
    they better make season4,
    or someonessss gunna payyyyy.

    xo emilyyyy xo

  45. ofcourse there will be a season 4 .. laguna beach is the best show on tv .. and all those who dont like it dont really know what a good tv show is! and for those who havent watched laguna beach yet.. you should TOTALLY WATCH IT!! greatest show ever ..cant wait for season 4!
    – ll ii nd ss*

  46. Omg all three seasons of Langua are great love the drama. So you have to bring back a season 4. Kirstin, Rockie,Talyor Lauren, Stephen, Alex and Lo are mixed of my favourires. Would love to live in a place like Langua. Scotland aint No where as nice as there. soooo plase bring a season 4 British TV is shit enough

  47. How cool is Rockie shes nice,pretty takes so much shit from the queen bees. Allways keeps her head up high and dont gave a shit about anything people say or do. Glad her and Alex are back together good couple though a no no trying to get in Lexie when they were on a break. Heard her and Tessa aint friends anymore thats a shame. Anyways Keep It real Rockie.

  48. i love laguna beach! i think there definetly should be a season 4 but then i thnk that should be the end of it! sorry other people

  49. Who really cares if their is a season 4, all we are doing is indorsing these people to make them richer than they all ready are. We need to stop obsessing over these rich snobby kids and focus on the real issues going on around the world.!!!!!



  51. Here’s the truth….I know someone that works on the show. No fourth seaon of laguna beach. IT will be a new cast in newport. I hear it’s shot differently and will be a shorter season.

  52. Hey everyone..
    I live in germany & season 3 has just started here..
    I also watched season 1 + 2 & I love laguna beach..
    I’m obsessed with it like ya’ll too..
    & there better be a 4th season..it’s the best show ever
    but if brenda is right then i’m realy sad =(..but what can you do
    have a nice day..;)

  53. Season 4 is a go!!! It is scheduled to start sometime in August! However, Some of the old characters will not be back.

  54. um yeah there should definently be a seson 4 ! imean who doesnt like DRAMA …i mean i love it …i love the guys 2 but guys r sketchy so idk

  55. there should be another laguna beach season. i mean like i just love all the drama that goes on between everyone and it can be very nerv racking sometimes , but i think there should be another laguna beach season!! i love that freaking show~!!!

  56. i hope there is a season 4 because me and allllll of my frinds are obsessed we want to maje our own realitly show

  57. There will be not a season 4 I heard that they are going to make a different reality t.v. show and it is going to be in Newport Beach but we don’t know what the show is going to be? You will have to find out about it!

  58. I think they should defffinatly do season 4 but i do think there should be changes..like i want to see more of the old cast members! like kristen, alex, jessica, jason, taylor, stephen i mean season 2 just ended with them all going to collage and i never found out (except for LC of course because of the hills) what happened to any of them..haha
    or maybe they should just come up with a new show all together like laguna beach after highschool or something haha idk all ik is season 1 and 2 were the best seasons of laguna way better then 3 and i want to see those characters back!

  59. OMG!!!!
    I have watched all of the Laguna beach seasons and they r gr8;

    I hope there is a season 4! i think u should do a show telling everyone what happened to all the old gang after they all left!
    i don’t think 3 was as good as 1+2! i really want to know what happened to Kirsten and Jessica, plus i need some more Jason cheating action! bring the old characters back!

  60. hey,

    im a big fan of laguna beach and i just thought i would put this out there mabye if someone actually got to talk to the producers they could tell them this idea alot of people loved the 2 nd seasonand thought it was the best season and i totally agree i loved thecast i think they should do a show thats not necessarly all filmed in laguna but where the cast is now and film them at college and there jobs i think alot of people would watch so if anyone has the email adress for the producers let me know

  61. Hiya all, I’m a big fan of LB and really can’t wait for The Hills and Lauguna series 4 to kick off in the UK. I’m having withdrawl symptons. HURRY UP!! : ))

  62. In My opinion i think they should Make at least 5 more seasons and Put the people that were in the first and second seasons Back on the air Like Lauren and Talan and to tell you the truth i think they would make a very nice couple in the show and during the Hours Before the Show It would be very cool if i saw the show back on MTV new episodes and seasons

    Later Dylan

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