“Laguna Beach” Causes Headaches For Local Surf Shop Laguna Surf And Sport

Laguna Surf and Sport

Surfingmagazine.com has an interesting story about how the TV show “Laguna Beach” has caused some havoc on the little local surf shop of Laguna Surf and Sport. Yes, this is the same shop that Stephen worked at during Season 1.


6 thoughts on ““Laguna Beach” Causes Headaches For Local Surf Shop Laguna Surf And Sport

  1. oh cry me a fucken river THEY wanted to get there name out there. If they didn’t they would have done what LC’S work did NOT SHOW THE NAME DUH. The only time you hear where lc works is when stephen calls her about the bon fire

  2. I live in Laguna ! the show portrays how bratty kids are today! especially the twenty something brats. If it wasn’t for your parents you would be “nothing” you self absorbed little shits..

  3. I lived in Laguna Beach for 10 years. There are some nice people but many are really messed up, driven by money, and self absorbed. They usually have high dollar substance abuse problems. Many of the kids grow up thinking they will become Hollywood Stars, Pro Surfers, or Movie Producers. The truth is that only a handful will make it because they never had to work. Parents set up trust funds because their kids don’t have any usable skills. Whenever I go back I see the same kids now grown doing the same things and living in their parents basements. This is the real Laguna Beach, not just a soap opera!

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