Brenna & Rocky are still friends

According to Brenna’s Myspace page

“For those of you who have been asking about my relationship with Rocky now, we are great friends again. We were willing to forgive and forget everything from last year and become friends again. I’m so happy! I guess that just shows you how strong our friendship is and we can make it through just about anything. I don’t know what I would do without her!”


11 thoughts on “Brenna & Rocky are still friends

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  2. hey i am like so glad that you guys are friends now it looks like yall were just ment to be and i just hope to god that there will be another season of laguna beach just to show how your and rocky’s relationship has changed

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  4. hey breanna! i loved rocky in the last season. me and her relate. and i think you are really cool. i am glad you are friends again! also if you talk to hedi tell her that spencer is a really bad guy. she deserves better. thanks! love yaz!

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  8. waw was just watching rerun dvds… breanna was sooooo immature ewww. and only cares what other ppl thinks, grow a backbone little girl

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