Parents of Laguna Beach stars speak out

The parents of “Laguna Beach” stars are finally speaking out about all the negative press the show is giving the town.

“People now blame MTV for everything,” said Candace Hurley, whose two sons have appeared on the show.

“They blame the crowds on MTV. It’s not like there are bands of kids coming in. It’s families taking photos in front of the Laguna Beach High School sign. Why is that such a negative?“

Her son Kelan became a cast member to promote his band. He now has a record contract with Sony, she said. “My son set out to not embarrass our family and to show off his band,” she said. “We feel lucky the show did what we hoped for.”

Jim Conrad’s daughter Lauren (aka LC) starred in the first season and later got her own spin-off series, The Hills. His younger daughter, Breanna, is a cast member of season three. He said the school board’s decision to bar MTV from the high school campus backfired.

“We wanted them to show school activities and present our kids in the best light. So without that, what is left? Parties, going out,” he said. “I would say 80 per cent of people here couldn’t care less. They don’t watch the show, they don’t like it or hate it. I’m no rah-rah cheerleader for MTV, but it hasn’t ruined our town.”

Where were the parents throughout the shows? I thought the town was run by kids!!!


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