Season 4 of Laguna Beach – IS A GO! reports that production on Season 4 has officially started last month. They also report that most of the cast is back this time around.

Also a little insight from Cami. “She can’t wait for the new season so she can “clean things up.” Maybe being bitchy isn’t the best route to take. Kyndra, on the other hand, is happy with how her character was portrayed. She’d “rather draw people into watching the show.”

stay tune!


43 thoughts on “Season 4 of Laguna Beach – IS A GO!

  1. Well, I guess I will do some research to figure out when season four will begin – maybe its in my face… im just a little excited. I am excited and hopeful to see that Cami will be behaving a little more nicely and not so into everyone’s business… maybe she’ll do some soul searching and see just how beautiful she is just being herself and she doesnt have to ACT evil!

  2. omg im like jakin it to the show its so good i hope some one on the cast fucks somebody and they get pregnant and there whole like will get fuked up

  3. im so stoked for it to come back on! im like so addicted i love laguna its like the best thing that was on tv. but does anyone know when season 4 will be coming on ? im like dieing haha

  4. How do you know there is going to be a season 4? Doesn’t say anything about it on MTV? I would love another season – it’s so good!!!

  5. yeaa there’s gonna be a season 4. they want it to be like the real world.. so it’s just gonna keep goooin and goooin. until people get REALLY sick of it

  6. It says on breanna conrad’s myspace blog that they have not started filming for season 4. She also says that she doubt there’s gonna even be a season 4. Sorry.

  7. Omg
    I cant wait to watch season 4 of laguna beach!

    Its like the best show ever!

    But when is season comming out on dvd?

  8. im absolutely obsessed with laguna beach
    im really hope there will be a season 4
    i dont know what i would do if there isnt!

  9. hi guys i love laguna beach i think is great… i live in italy and here we are watching the season 3… i hope that will be an other season!!!! bye

  10. i cant what 4 season 4 to come out i hope there is some new kid in the season . i really want the groupes to change who know mabe cami will be friends with Tessa. any way if they dont do season4 we can still watch the hills.

  11. i absolutely LOVE laguna beach. i would die without it. i watch it whenever its on. i dont care who is in it. ill just watch it. i hate drama and when there is drama in it ill laugh at it. but my favortie girls in laguna are kyndra and cami candace and nikki. nikki is a nice one candace is a little like cami and kyndra is the queen of everything.. she wants it her way. cami is the queen of mean. but nikki didnt really hang out with kyndra candace and cami. she was with tyler her brother. like in cabo at dinner when tyler went to kyndra with thoses girls.. but who would bring thier parents with them. it sounds like you cant go anywhere without them. but i hope tessa and rocky or rockwell arent in season four. cause thier dumb bitches and all they do is be fake. and rockys talks about alex so much and tessa i dont know shes a dumb fake girl. im glad kyndra and cami hate them.. i would hate them too. thier so annoying.

  12. I can’t wait for season four. I hope Kyndra stops being such an annoying mom. Seriously like when will she stop acting like Cameron’s mom. She wants him so bad and Tyler is totally not her type. I think that Tessa is super boring and should not be the narrator. I think someone with poise and excitement should be the narrator. Sort of like Cami or Lexi or maybe even Brianna. However, season three was good but not as good as season two. Season two was the shizit. It included hot guys and pretty girls and people were actually like hooking up. I think that Kristin and Kelan would make a super hot couple. Or Lexi and Kelan they would be an even hotter couple. Well anyways I can’t wait for season four and let there be hook ups again.

  13. I cant wait to see season four. i want to see hooking up and making out. this last season was sort of boring because no one was hooking up. and whats up with the fight between the two hills stars: Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad. I though they would be bff for ever. for eva eva. well bring some juice into season four pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  14. YEEEEEEAH…there’s gonna be a new season..
    I’m souu exited, I can’t wait..xD
    But I guess I have to wait longer to watch season 4 b cause I live in germany & everything comes so late here..=(

    but whatever I’m still looking forward^^

  15. OMG. Have you guys heard??
    There will be another season, but the show will be completely overhauled. It’s going to be in Newport (Newport Beach: The Real Orange County) with totally NEW CAST MEMBERS.

    Are they serious?? This can’t happen!

  16. hiii
    I think another season would be so great and i cant wait any more to see it .
    I have only seen laguna beach 3 but it was sooo goood..!!! I like laguna beach and kyndra is the best because she knows what she wants !!!

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  19. Laguna Beach!!!!!

    It’s like totally only the best show in the whole world! Like OMG!!

    I love it so much!!!

    Season 4…I can’t wait, OMG, so flipping excited!

  20. you cant sell LB season 4 if you dont sell LB season 3 whats the point of us buying all the seasons if there is one missing? thats stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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