Heroes’ Cheerleader & Kristin – Fighting over Ex Boyfriend?

Heroes' Hayden PanettiereTMZ.com reports “”Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere is dating Kristin Cavallari’s “Laguna Beach” ex, Stephen Coletti. This made it just a tad awkward — when the two underage beauties just so happened to run into each other at an L.A. shop! Meow!

The rival sex kittens kept their claws in check as they joked, laughed and browsed the aisles of trendy Surly Girl boutique, located on L.A.’s starlet row, aka Robertson Blvd. Someone, alert the media!”


12 thoughts on “Heroes’ Cheerleader & Kristin – Fighting over Ex Boyfriend?

  1. well hey um kristin do you still have fillings for stephen because i think you and him were the best couple and i miss not seeing yous ch made in hevento gether . yous were a mat

  2. haha stephens cute, but probably kristin is over him by now, considering they stopped dating at like the beginning of her senior year and she graduated liek 2 years ago right? but that still would be pretty awkwardd. him and kristin were so cute though while it lasted

  3. I think the girls are mature enought to handle that kind of situations. Its not worth fighting over guys.. I’m proud of both Kirsten and Hayden, I’m a big fan of both and also a big fan of stephen cause i went to school with them.

  4. Hey, um i hate kristen, and she was a witch to stephen, and i like hayden, even though stephen is so hot, and i want him!!!!1

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  6. Stephen and Kirstin: a match made in heaven. they’re so cute when Stephen kisses her nose, and plays with her hair. Stephen is very cute himself though

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  8. iIs probably a little late to say anything… but go for anybody but Kristin… From the first time I saw her I thought she was bad, maybe she wasn’t, I wasn’t there, but it didn’t look like any fun having her around. Life is a about having fun not DRAMA!! Live your life the way you want to, don’t let people do that for you… I give all the props in the world for putting your life on camera… It must have been challenging.. Hope everything is treating you well now!!! 🙂

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