Pay Your Respects …The O.C.’s final episode

THE OC - final episode

The show that brought the spotlight to our little area of the world, Orange County and created spin-offs like “Laguna Beach” is coming to an end tonight. “The O.C.” will be airing it’s final episode tonight on Fox. It was a cultural icon that brought us teenage drama, sarcasm, emo music and “Chrismukkah”.

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5 thoughts on “Pay Your Respects …The O.C.’s final episode

  1. Woah. I love the OC, and its going to be so sad to see it go. I love that they ended it happily, and not tradgically like they are notorious for in previous seasons. It still made me sad though. I wish it were still coming on!

  2. Oh my gosh!
    Am from England so i dont get to see the final episode till like the end of march! boo. But i watched it online and it was great. Iv watched it from when the 1st season came out, its been great. Am deeply in love with the o.c even though its a t.v show. Am so happy that it ends all good. And ill be porud to say yeh i watched the O.C. Shame its over but hey thats life!

  3. i love the OC it was the first series i started watchin out of all the series like ever…well except friends but lke the firt drama series and i cried so much wen it ended:( nyways OC FOREVER!

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  5. i’ve seen the last one and i’m so happy with it. it really gave all the other episodes a run for their money. it had shock, happiness, past goodtimes, comedy and loads of drama. it really was brilliant. i am gutted to see it leave our screens but u can still get the dvd’s and cd’s so i guess it’s not that bad. it’s made so much sense to me considering my life has more drama and my life makes the show look more like a comedy than a drama!!!

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