Breanna says “MTV is planning to film another Season”

L.C. & BreannaAccording to Breanna Concord’s Myspace blog

“I just heard that MTV is planning to film another season of Laguna Beach, but I don’t have any other details yet. ”

As for us in Laguna, we haven’t seen any of the film crews around, or heard any official word from the City Council yet on this move…..


11 thoughts on “Breanna says “MTV is planning to film another Season”

  1. I live in Laguna and ive seen them filming, actually i saw them filming all the way back in November the day afterhomecoming

  2. I just heard that lb season 4 will feature a whole new cast. This reaslly sucks because everyone wants to know what happents to the cast of lb season 3. If this is the case, I think that lb season 4 should be the last season of laguna beach.

  3. i live in laguna beach, and i have seen the cameras running around town filming. i don’t know when the season will actually appear;it’s set sometime in august of 2007. and it is not a new cast, i’ve seen them filming the girls like cami and kyndra. it should be a good season, if you like the show. there’s a lot of more drama this year.

  4. unfortunately, laguna beach:the real orange county will be no more, my cousins live there and i live in cypress and they said that they have not seen any members of the MTV crew around because they cancelled the show. it gonna be called newport beach:the real orange county or something. they cancelled because of very poor ratings, i wish the cast from seasons 1 and 2 come back to reunite for one more season. season 3 was good too its just that it sucks to have a totally new cast all the time unlike the real world, its always good eversince they started in `92. but yeah, its all about the last season of the hills! oh yeah!

  5. I can’t wait for the new season of laguna beach. Some friends of mine live down there and they say that they saw them taping the new seaon. I’m pretty sure that they are going to have the same peolpe and i’m glad because i think they should have a least two seasons of the same class.

  6. omg i love laguna beach. and i really want it to stay the same school. i don’t really care what cast it is as long as it’s one of the previous 3. but i prefer the first two b.c the third like none of the best ppl were in it. but i totally agree THE HILLS!!! is the way to go. I love lauren!!!

    omg just start a new season already!! it’s my life

  7. ok .no i just seen on that there would most likely be no season 4 =[[[ and that the new show that was “supposed “to happen will not either beacause of a shortage of episodes.that totally stinks!laguna beach was the best show ever!i can’t believed they canceled it.
    and for the hills, season 3 will be the last season.what am i supposed to watch after that???no l.b. no hills?

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