Laguna Beach’s Jessica Smith arrested for DUI

Laguna Beach’s Jessica Smith mugshotNow another member of Laguna Beach has been arrested for DUI – this time it’s Jessica Smith.

Smith, 19, of Laguna Beach, crashed a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle into the back of a 2003 Acura MDX after she couldn’t slow down in time, a California Highway Patrol report said. The CHP report said that her level of intoxication, unsafe speeds and wet roadways were conditions that led to the crash.

Smith is being held at the Orange County Jail Women’s Intake Release Center in lieu of $100,000 bail. She’s scheduled for an arraignment at the Harbor Justice Center on Wednesday.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned that wayward “Laguna Beach” star Jessica Smith has just been released from an Orange County jail, after being charged with two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence.

Smith,19, who spent almost three full days behind bars, was arrested Monday on suspicion of felony driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and of causing “great bodily injury” during a crash on the Santa Ana Freeway near Los Angeles. We’re told that Smith had a blood alcohol level of .12.

Sources tell TMZ that because Smith wasn’t charged with a felony, her bail was reduced from $100,000 to $5,000. Although her bail was reduced yesterday, Smith was apparently unable to come up with the bail until today. Under the terms of her release, Smith has been ordered not to drink alcohol and to attend one AA meeting per week until her arraignment on April 25.

Smith was one of two cast members on the reality series to be featured in all three seasons, playing a primary starring role in season two in 2005. As of 2006, she was attending Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, according to her travel blog,


13 thoughts on “Laguna Beach’s Jessica Smith arrested for DUI

  1. Ha ha, that is so funny i mean come on, just look at that picture of her. That is what she gets foe trying to fuck with lauren

  2. Jessica is so stupid. She is so ugly and fat. I don’t understand why anybody in Laguna was even friends with her.

  3. i realy loveJessica. i just dont understand why she got so bad. i i truly from all my heart that she is going to be ok. good look Jessica

  4. jessica rules, and she’s not fat, she’s just not a stick lika all of you. you’re just mad because she didn’t have to pay for her boobs. she falls under that rare 1% category in orange county. there’s a reason why jason went out with her to begin with. he knows his women (except for that katja bald bitch and real fat alex)

  5. what is michelle talking about she knows nothing of laguna beach.jessica is super hot.michelle probably cant even spell her own name properly.keep it sexy jessica~love u jess.

  6. michelle is stupid she says jessica has no friends well ur wrong shehas more friends than u michelle. jessica is hot and has the best boobs in laguna and she didnt have 2 pay for them as nelly c said-u are right u always jessica.

  7. aww shes so pretty but shitt happens so i dont see why people would bash her. everyone has mistakes. well hope shes doing better now.

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