MTV “greenlights” Season 3 of The Hills

The Hills is back for Season 3MTV is bringing viewers more of “The Hills.” The network has given the greenlight to a third season of the reality show with a 10-episode order. It’s set to debut in the summer.

The news comes after the second-season finale of “Hills,” which is currently MTV’s top-rated show, at 10 p.m. Monday. Following the success of the live “The Hills After Show” on Monday night, MTV is planning to schedule another live telecast after the third-season finale.

Season 2 outperformed the first season in total viewers (up 9 percent to average 2.7 million viewers), persons 12-24 (up 15 percent to 1.7 million) and persons 12-34 (up 8 percent to 2.2 million), according to Nielsen Media Research.

In addition, delivered nearly 18 million show-related streams, including nearly 1 million live “After Show” streams, while “Virtual Hills,” introduced shortly after Season 2 began, and its sister site “Virtual Laguna Beach” have more than 600,000 registered users.


23 thoughts on “MTV “greenlights” Season 3 of The Hills

  1. -Aw WiKed I Luv The Hills, i think it’s a great show, and i want it to continue airing! Like i alwayz watch it when da new episoded first air!!

  2. this really is my favorite show, i love all the cast, but my favorite is audrina ! i cant wait for season 3

  3. the hills needs to air another season!!! im in love with that show. Heidi needs to wake up and know that spencer is a RAT and dump him so her and Lauren can make up!! i cried when that happend. but AIR ANOTHER SEASON!!!!

  4. The Hills is by far the most crazyiest show ever!! I love the drama in it and Lauren Conrad is gorgeous! I must say I am the biggest fan every chence I get I stay home and just have watch The Hills over and over. GREAT SHOW! LOOVE IT!

  5. heidi’s just a big slut !! and spencer is a fuckin asshole. Audrina is so pretty and so nice ! i luv her so much !!!!!!!and lauren is nice too but a little mean when shes wit’ heidi the bitch !!!!! Luv Laguna Beach-The Hills 4eve’ !!!! Thats the greatest show ive neve’ seen in my life !!! im wainting the next season …

  6. IM SOO EXCITED TO SEE THE HILLS SEASON 3! Lauren and Audrina are gorgeous!! I cant wait! Heidi needs to wake up and smell the coffee though– Spencer is a jerk!! Why the hell did she move in with him!? Sooo much drama. I LOVE IT! Cant wait till next season :]

  7. Hello everyone that is going to see this comment. I will just like to say both Laguna Beach and The Hills are my favorite programmes not just on MTV but in everything. I am soo glad that there is a season 3 of The Hills can’t wait. I am a little bit upset about their not being new season of Laguna Beach. Although I have to say that season1 and season2 were my favorite but season 3 just mocked it up for me and I am sorry to say that. However if you do get a new season of Laguna Beach then find characters that are really interesting more like season 1&2. Trust me many would watch it again.

  8. Hey guys. well what can i say I love the hills it is my fav show and cause I live in Australia I have to wait even longer than most, but what can I say about Heidi? Where would you like me to start? I wonder if she has watched season 2 yet? Spencer should leave L.C and Heidi alone they were great friends for ages before he came along and to Heidi i say friends are for-ever guys will come and go. I can’t wait for the next season. xxx


  10. hi!I like see The Hills and I would like go to this city because I live in Argentina.
    And I like the girls´s clothes, the scenery, everything!!!!!!!


  11. My favorite person on the show is Laurn. I think that Hedi is pretty , but she really should of not done that to laurn. Hope that u guys can work it out. Love the show!

  12. i loveeee the hills. heidi ur a bitch. like, y would u do tht 2 lauren? shes a better friend than ur ever gonna find again. lauren, aurdina, u 2 r awesome! ily2

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