Sex Tape of L.C. & Jason Wahler to hit internet!

L.C. & Jason Wahler Sex Tape!Laguna Beach and The Hills reality stars Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler made a sex tape and it looks like it will be hitting the internet any day now… reports that Lauren, or ‘LC’ as she’s referred to in the shows, is aware the tape exists but thought she had the only copy.

“Jason is trying to sell the video before he goes to jail,” a source close to Wahler told the website. “LC will lose her mind when she finds out!”

Conrad, was so desperate to get hold of the tape she even tried breaking into Wahler’s house: “Lauren tried to break into Jason’s apartment to get the tape, she was practically stalking him and calling non-stop until he finally agreed to give her the video” a mutual friend of he pair revealed.

However LC is unaware that Wahler made a copy, which he is now trying to sell, and if no-one is prepared to buy it, Wahler is going to leak it online instead.

Lauren should look at the positives too. After all, it didn’t do Paris any harm…


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