L.C.& Jason’s sex tape not coming out

TMZ.com reports a porn company has put the brakes on an alleged sex tape featuring “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad and “Laguna Beach’s” Jason Wahler — because of the bad boy’s “severely disappointing” behavior. And apparently, according to our source, the tape is severely disappointing as well.

The alleged tape, news of which first broke on Perez Hilton, is “very vanilla” with “no hard core sex.” The source adds that LC and Jason are basically “messing around.” But SugarDVD tells TMZ they are retracting their previous offer of $500,000 for the tape, because of Wahler’s recent arrest in Seattle. “We refuse to support any person who feels that it is in any way acceptable to rattle off racial slurs and slanderous language about African-American people, homosexual people and the police department.”

Not only is Sugar pulling the offer, but they are reaching out to their network to discourage anyone from participating in a deal for this alleged tape.


14 thoughts on “L.C.& Jason’s sex tape not coming out

  1. Lauren did it. She’s a little slut. She needs 2 tell the truth and admit she did it because the tape is going 2 come out sooner or later.

  2. Hey guys well who could blame L.C and Jason for doing a tape when you are in love you do stupid things and I think it should be kept private as the whole Paris sex tape was crap. If it comes out I think lauren and Jason should embrace it and show everyone they don’t care. You guys rock xx

  3. this is a lie this is so retarded she is my sister and it is not true !!!!! And Lauren didnt She is not a slut (You (michelle) u are a big slut , bitch and everythin)

  4. lauren is sweet and who cares what people think lauren has had so much drama in her life from fake friend .i wish they will just leave her along ,get a life and far people call her a slut it take one to know one .I love lauren she’s great and i can’t wait to watch the hills and see how her life has change since heidi is now with loser spencer .

  5. Who doesn’t make sex tapes? Lauren rocks… Heidi and Spence can SUCK IT, they’re just jealous they’re so nasty and ugly people would vomit watching those 2 hook up…. NASTY

  6. this is such crap, listen if she did or did not do it its her business and believe me it should stay her business. As for her former bf–Heidi, you need to leave the silicone alone, you look like a man, seriously, you’re just jealous. Heidi word of advise, the fact that you are still with Spencer just shows how dilusional you really are. He doesn’t even have a real job. What a tool, yes tool spence….grow up.

    Lauren just keep doing what you are doing, you’re great and you will show her. Don’t ever let her back in your life it will be your biggest mistake ever. Let dirty dogs lay.

  7. Ok Ok ill admit it..she does have a sex tape but its not out..comin to a store near you in the fall of 2007..or i may just release it earlier since i stole it from her closet

  8. I recently started watching ‘The Hills’ (I’m from Australia) and for me it’s been the most intriguing and addictive reality series to date!

    Thanks to the stars, Lauren is by far my favourite and a natural beauty – it’s a shame Jason and her didn’t work out. There will always be controversy about whether there was a ‘tape’ or not, but really, a little lie could go a long way with the media -you know as they say ‘sex sells’. If there was a tape on the other hand, so be it. They were just two people in a relationship who felt comfortable to do such a thing. If they didn’t happen to be famous, then no one would have ever known. My point being, just focus on your own lives and leave them alone!! :)))

  9. so what if they do. this is all spencer’s bitch ass lies. spencer is just mad cause he’s not good enough for lauren, so he’s stuck with left-over, country-ass heidi. why don’t they just get married and move together to fuck’n colorado, if he loves her so much. they need to stop mooching off lauren, calling himself “heidi’s manager”. GET A REAL JOB!!! play soccer, do something. i don’t see why heidi keeps getting surgeries for spencer, when he’s the one with those stupid faces on his head. heidi needs to get smacked into reality. LAUREN ROCKS!!! FREE JASON!!!

  10. Listen, lauren is beautiful. And after watching the season 4 fianle 2night and seein that heidi and spencer might be over gives everyone hope. Like I have a friend..well ex friend just like them and he won’t let her be my friend bc I’m single and she might find someone better than him! And I think that’s why spencer cutt the ties with lauren and heidi bc dude he knows heidi will find someone way better! Some advise. To heidi.. U can always do better but.. Spencer can’t.
    Loves to lauren. U juss leep ur head up that’s all that matters. Ull do fien and if u n brody work out then that’s great. And ab the nailpolishgate.. Yawl do u get to watch them piss???? Do u?? No bc cameras aren’t there all the time! So what if they hav 2 react some things.. Go ahead and tell me u wouldn’t do it! Go ahead..

  11. i watch the hills all the time, and i DO NOT think laren is a person to do such a thing, i defanitley do think that heidi and spencer do it because they have nothing better to do with there lifes there obviously really sad! im glad that there not friends because atleast lauren knows now what true friends mean, i feel so sorry for lauren how everything bad happens to her, things like that happen to me to, i hope she reads this.
    whitney :)x

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