Brenna not in Season 4

Brenna ConradBrenna Conrad has confirm she will not be in Season 4. In a blog post on her myspace page, Brenna told her fans she is shutting down her profile.

Hey Everyone…..I have been super busy lately and I’m finding it hard to keep up with my myspace. I’m sorry to anyone I haven’t answered back to yet. I will be closing this myspace next week and wanted to let you all know. I will not be doing another season of Laguna Beach, so it seems weird to keep this myspace open. It has been so great chatting with all of you and I appreciate all the nice comments and messages I have recieved. My life is going really well right now. No drama! I have an amazing boyfriend and I will be graduating in June. I wish you all blessed and happy lives. Dream big and live your dreams!


4 thoughts on “Brenna not in Season 4

  1. I actually liked breanna on the show…even though no one else did…i liked her because she wasn’t throwing herself on all of the guys and the fact she is Lauren’s sister!!!

  2. i loved breana and am sorry to hear that! i also like the fact that she wasnt mean to anyone… also she is lc’s sister!!

  3. omg lol click on her myspace link, some dude named james snatched her myspace profile up after she closed it and made a new one.

    nothing interesting otherweise. i just thought it was funny.

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