Stephen makes Hayden his special Hero

Stephen & Hayden kissing caught Laguna Beach’s Stephen Colletti (who is 21) and “Heroes” Hayden Panettiere (who is 17) sharing a snack and a kiss in Hollywood. Could their romance be blossoming after the so-called fighting with Stephen’s ex, Kristin Cavallari?


7 thoughts on “Stephen makes Hayden his special Hero

  1. hey they are so good together. he is so my type! yay for me!
    call me on 0274282694. cum on u cutie boyzz

  2. OMG this girl is horrible and my stephen is a perfect man omg i think stephen and kristin or stephen and lauren c

  3. Stephen I love you and i think u are a perfec man because u have everthing i love you i love you and i love you 4 ever anD ever o0k please do0nt forget !!!

  4. i think Stephen and Lauren would be a better couple and they known each other since a long time. Stephen love Lauren he should of tell Lauren how he feels about her. Lauren loved him seens when he was with Kristen. I don’t know why he keeps calling Kristen he should of call Lauren instead. When Lauren and Jason where all over each over Stephen seems jealous well he seems like he wanted her to be all over him. Stephen i think you and Lauren are a better couple you had someone that really loves you and you also loved her. The new season for Laguna Beach i think you should tell Lauren that youn’d love her. In your heart you will still have feelings for Lauren.

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