Kristin Cavallari Takes Camera Into Her Own Hands for RealityLASIK Docu-Drama

Kirstin Cavallari gets 20/20 visionKirstin Cavallari gets 20/20 vision

What do you get when you mix a reality TV crew, four handheld digital camcorders, and an eye surgeon-to-the-stars, with a TV beauty’s pursuit of 20/20 vision and one innovative company willing to document it all? You get the breakthrough online docu-drama RealityLASIK, which documents Kristin Cavallari’s pursuit of the latest in vision correction surgery and her decision to ultimately undergoing Advanced CustomVue(TM) LASIK with the IntraLase Method(TM).

The online series, underwritten and produced by Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) (NYSE: EYENews), the company behind the advanced blade-free LASIK procedure, premieres today at It is the first docu-drama to use a reality show format as the vehicle for not only entertaining, but also educating viewers about the popular vision correction surgery.

Cavallari added, “I am a person with real questions, fears, and ultimately, extreme elation with the end result. AMO gave me the freedom to tell my story, on my terms, with my own friends and family using my own cameras.”

Reality crews follow Kristin Cavallari’s every LASIK move over a one month time span, capturing her first doctor’s visit, the advanced blade-free LASIK procedure itself performed by renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Maloney, and the subsequent post-op visits. The 8-episode docu-drama also catches Kristin in candid, confessional moments — some filmed by close friends and family and some by herself with the use of four digital camcorders. The reality series also includes a companion blog and audiocast of her experience.

RealityLASIK: Beauty Real-EYE-zed

The first episode opens with Kristin entering her management offices to pitch the concept for an online reality journal. The concept is met with much enthusiasm around the room as she details her desire to reach out to her fans and other young people.

“My frustration with my vision began in sixth grade with my first pair of glasses and didn’t get any better with my first pair of contacts two years later,” said Cavallari. “No matter how you look at it, glasses and contacts are a huge inconvenience, especially when you’re young.”

Episode 2 will debut one week later with one episode rolling out each week.


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