Kristin Cavallari’s Stable of Men!

Kristin Cavallari & Nick ZanoKirstin Cavallari & Mario Lopez

Kristin Cavallari & Brodie Jenner

Everywhere you turn, Kristin Cavallari is getting photographed with a new guy….After moving away from Laguna, she’s gone on to date men like Brody Jenner, Nick Zano, Mario Lopez and even ….Perez Hilton!

Kristin Cavallari & Perez Hilton


9 thoughts on “Kristin Cavallari’s Stable of Men!

  1. Hey Kristin I think u should of left Stephen with Lauren u guys r not a good match at all!!!Lauren and Stephen look soooo good together!!!

  2. kristin needs to get off nick zano’s nuts, and get back to work. she just fucked up her whole career. hollywood really got to her and lost her best friend alex in the process. she just fucked up.

  3. i like kristin a lot shes really cool but i wish her and alex were still best friends they got along so well but ya stephen and kristen forever and ever until they die!!!

  4. I actually kinda liked Kristin on Laguna Beach, despite of the whole Lauren-Stephen thing. She’s fun! Lauren tried to “steal” (as funny as it sounds, true) Stephen from Kristin. That’s just wrong. On The Hills, I have always loved LC. Now, it’s time for Lauren to leave The Hills, and for Kristin to come back. And now she’s kinda portrayed as this “betch”… which she kinda is. But that’s just because everyone’s hating on her because of Lauren-past, Brody-past (dating in general) and.. other past issues. I think she has issues, though… she probably just needs good friends like Alex and Jessica, from Laguna Beach. I’d hate to live in LA.. no one seems real.

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