Show You Are Voting for in ’08


10 thoughts on “Show You Are Voting for in ’08

  1. Laguna Beach
    I Love this show. It is so good because of the real Drama I liked season 1+2 and i am suir i will like season 3+4 with all of the drama the shows have in them

  2. LIFE OF RYAN! Ryan Sheckler is such a talented skater and as an aspiring skater myself, i want to see what it is like to be pro! im not going to be like every other girl and say omg He Is SooOOOO hoTT! I lOvE HiM!!!!! i want to see the show because it is about osmething interesting not just dumb rich girls that pretend they have problems.

  3. omg i love Laguna beach it is my favorite show and if they dont have a season 4 i will kill myself… all year long i look forward to laguna beach and now if you dont have it i will just die and no Neport beach that is just gay, they are just not laguna and will never be so get it back and and put laguna on!

  4. NEWPORT IS a bunchy of crap That girl Chrissy is just a Lauren/ “LC”look alike W/ever hopefully mtv knows that we all expect a fourth season of laguna beach!!!

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