Drama at The Hills premiere party

US Magazine reports: The Hills doesn’t premiere until Monday, but the drama is already in full swing!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were “banned” from attending the MTV show’s post-premiere party Wednesday night in L.A., a show source tells Usmagazine.com, due to the couple’s escalating feud with costars Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.



One thought on “Drama at The Hills premiere party

  1. There is way to much DRAMA!! how can people live like that it’s a little ridiculous. I mean if Heidi was really Lauren’s “best friend” she wouldn’t leave her for a guy. She’s defintely not a best friend spreading rumors with Spencer (who i cannot stand at all. He is just a player and the marriage won’t last.) Spreading rumors and LC and Jaso about them having a sex tape. That is soo not true because Jason is seeing a tennis player.

    Your not a true best friend or even a friend when you stab someone in the back like that.

    And that is all i have to say. Thanks for reading!

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