Laguna Beach cast members – Where are they now?

With the premiere of Newport Harbor tonight on MTV, we thought it would be nice to look back on our favorite Laguna Beach cast members.



30 thoughts on “Laguna Beach cast members – Where are they now?

  1. no show can ever TOP season one lb, or season two. and im so excited for the new upcoming hills season, ik it already started but tonight is where spencer meets hedis family, I CANT WAIT!!!

    [ i hope lauren and hedi become friends again </3 ]

  2. Hey !! I think steven and lauren should get back together and then after a year get married and have like 7 children, and i should be the flower girl at your wedding. love you losers.

  3. i think that jason and lauren should get together and stay together and heidi and spencer should just get over themselves and learn to see what they really did to lauren and why they arent friends anymore. i mean it obvious! it’s like that saying!..maybe the people u lost in the past werent supposed to be in ur future or somthin like that!

  4. hi all ….i think the perfect couple ever is stephen and kristin …and they should stay together because they realy love each other …….and by the way stephen doesnt love loren she is just a back-up of kristin

    cheers all….

  5. Season one was totally hawt!! i live in Laguna and I have met Lc and Tessa, my older sister is friends with them. In season one they drive past our house on the way to a dance. They are all really sweet and I see them when they come visit their familys back here in LB. Our town really isn’t thet diferent though, just relly good drama. who knows, I could be on the show someday!

  6. There used to be alot of interview videos of Kristin, Jessica, the whole cast on youtube, now i cant find them anywheres!! Its like Laguna beach completely fell off the face of the earth. Let me know if you find anything.

  7. I think Clay is doing vartoon voices with his, “yo dude”, “no way man”, “yo cool dude”, “knarley dude”. What a loser!

  8. i had a super huge crush on stephen. hei s such a”papable” ur so macho…i like u alot.keep rockin’ dude mwuah..wahahaha

  9. June 8, 2008: I heard Christina Schuller’s mother say on TV this morning “We have a daughter who is getting married”. Is that Christina or is there another daughter? Anyone know?

  10. I loved the first season it was amazing also the second season bt i still dont get it STEPHEN!!!!! Do you love Lauren or she is just there to help you when in trouble with the so called Kristin????? I love kristin bt i did not like the way she went about her love issues.
    STEPHEN AND LAUREN i guess you two should just date and then get married you look so cute together.
    Love you all from laguna beach.

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