Newport Harbor – TONIGHT on MTV

With the countdown on…we shall see if MTV’s “Newport Harbor” will meet up to Laguna Beach.

Get a sneak peak at the show…CLICK HERE


7 thoughts on “Newport Harbor – TONIGHT on MTV

  1. I think that this Newport Harbour should be great. I was addicted to Laguna Beach and was devestated to hear that it was no more! I think that, that should change! BUT aslong as it is replaced with something better i think it can be forgiven! i also hope and wish to know when the new The Hills will be starting on mtv??
    Emma x

  2. I also think that new port harbor will be awsome. I loved laguna beach i couldn’t belive it was going off tv! hopefully new port will be even better! P.S when will the new hills be starting,on MTV???
    Melissa B

  3. Hey Everybody this is Taylor From Newport Harbour! (no fakes) I am looking at the blogs and a lot of people are wondering the last names of the cast. feel free to e-mail if you want too no! I no everybodys of course. Watch the last episode of home for the holidays this wednesday! The second season of newport will start some time in May!

    Tay– (its really me!) i sware e-mail if you dont think so. :

  4. Ahh!!!! I can’t wait for Newport Harbor coming out in May! I love Newport Harbor since I first saw it. Clay is so hottest than every cast members of this show.

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