Real “Friends on THE HILLS

Here’s the run down on Lauren Conrad’s current friends on THE HILLS, courtesy of LA

Heidi Montag, friend-turned-foe: 
Former BFFs with Lauren, Heidi lost standing when Lauren blamed Heidi
and her boyfriend Spencer for spreading rumors that Lauren had made a
sex tape with ex-boyfriend Jason. Heidi denies it was her, and Lauren
has rejected all attempts at reconciliation.

Audrina Patridge, unclear: 
Lauren’s former roommate Audrina was there for her during the height of
her feud with Heidi but has since moved out after having become a fifth
wheel to Lauren and her other BFF Lo. Their friendship could be tested
by rumors that her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin “Bobby” Brescia
hooked up with Lauren.

Spencer Pratt, foe: 
Stole Heidi from Lauren and is accused of being the mastermind behind
the sex-tape rumors. As long as he’s with Heidi, there will be no truce
between the women.

Brody Jenner, friend: 
Their fling turned into friendship after he cheated on Lauren with
Jennifer Bunney. (Go figure.) His main job now is to do whatever it
takes to stay on the show, which means trashing Stephanie to Lauren for
as long as it earns him camera time.

Lo Bosworth, friend: 
Lauren’s childhood friend and housemate drove a wedge between L.C. and
Audrina but causes no mischief of her own. She’s there to tell Lauren
she’s “pretty” every so often.

Whitney Port, friend:  Co-worker and Lauren’s sounding board since Season 1. Whitney is about to leave The Hillsfor New York — and her own show, the spinoff The City. Her role has been one of unwavering support.

Stephanie Pratt, foe-turned-friend: Stephanie’s
befriending of Lauren was unexpected, because she is Spencer’s
once-loyal sister. But she’s managed to stay in Lauren’s good graces,
even while dating L.C.’s recent ex behind her back. It’s those big,
often tear-filled eyes of hers. They get Lauren every time.


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