Jason Wahler states that Jail is a “humbling experience”

Jason Wahler mugshotA prison stint was apparently all Jason Wahler needed to help him prioritize his life.

“Jail was a very humbling experience,” the 20-year-old former Laguna Beach star told People in a Friday report.

“It gave me time to reflect and really think about my mistakes.”


Jason Wahler gets ENGAGED!

A six-month courtship has led to the promise of a lifetime together for former “Laguna Beach” star Jason Wahler and USC tennis player Katja Decker-Sadowski. TMZ reports that the one-time MTV personality recently slipped a four-carat, emerald cut diamond engagement ring on to the college freshman’s finger, which he purchased at XVI Karats.

Jason Wahler gets engaged

Laguna Beach cast members – Where are they now?

With the premiere of Newport Harbor tonight on MTV, we thought it would be nice to look back on our favorite Laguna Beach cast members.


Drama at The Hills premiere party

US Magazine reports: The Hills doesn’t premiere until Monday, but the drama is already in full swing!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were “banned” from attending the MTV show’s post-premiere party Wednesday night in L.A., a show source tells Usmagazine.com, due to the couple’s escalating feud with costars Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.


Crazy Week in Laguna Beach

Alot has happen in our quite little town this past week….

Biggest Surf in years hit’s Laguna

Couple killed by police at Laguna’s 5 star resort Montage

Jason Wahler snapped ‘playing Russian Roulette’

Now we are hearing more and more rumors that MTV has pulled the plug on Season 4 of “Laguna Beach” and start filming in nearby town of Newport Beach.

and Laguna Beach Gossip had our 300,000th visitor last week…YEAH!!!!

L.C.& Jason’s sex tape not coming out

TMZ.com reports a porn company has put the brakes on an alleged sex tape featuring “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad and “Laguna Beach’s” Jason Wahler — because of the bad boy’s “severely disappointing” behavior. And apparently, according to our source, the tape is severely disappointing as well.

The alleged tape, news of which first broke on Perez Hilton, is “very vanilla” with “no hard core sex.” The source adds that LC and Jason are basically “messing around.” But SugarDVD tells TMZ they are retracting their previous offer of $500,000 for the tape, because of Wahler’s recent arrest in Seattle. “We refuse to support any person who feels that it is in any way acceptable to rattle off racial slurs and slanderous language about African-American people, homosexual people and the police department.”

Not only is Sugar pulling the offer, but they are reaching out to their network to discourage anyone from participating in a deal for this alleged tape.

Heidi Montag: I Didn’t Leak LC’s Sex Tape!

According to TMZ.com “Heidi Montag, “Hills” star and Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad’s former BFF, says she had “nothing to do” with leaking the purported sex tape, which may or may not exist, supposedly starring LC and her troubled ex Jason Wahler.”

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Montag also says that the reason she never called LC after news broke of the sex tape, which may or may not exist, was because Heidi was in the hospital recovering from her nose and boob jobs! Priorities, people! When asked if the sex tape, which may or may not exist, does in fact exist, Montag said, “No comment.”

As far as her relationship with boyfriend/”Hills” resident slimeball Spencer Pratt is concerned, Heidi says, “It’s perfect. We have so much fun. I never knew I could love someone like this.” While Pratt chimes in saying, “I have never been so madly in love as I am with Heidi. She has the world’s greatest boyfriend.”

Jason Wahler is arrested AGAIN for RACIST COMMENTS

Jason Wahler arrested AGAINLaguna’s bad boy Jason Wahler was ONCE AGAIN arrested…but this time in Seattle. TMZ.com reports he spewed a barrage of racist and offensive slurs during his arrest in Washington state this weekend, allegedly calling a police officer a “nig**r, fag**t, and poor f**k,” this according to the police report.

Officer DePina, who wrote the report, says when Seattle PD arrived they found a “very intoxicated” Wahler passed out on the floor in a hallway on the third floor. When DePina tried to take Wahler into custody, the former reality star allegedly lashed out, calling the arresting officer “a nig**r, a fag**t, and a poor f**k.” According to DePina, Wahler also stated, “that he was rich and would have my ass.” Wahler, who was described as “belligerent and hostile,” allegedy threated DePina a second time, saying, “Come down to L.A. county and get your ass kicked!”

Wahler was booked on charges of criminal trespassing and assualt. It is Whaler’s fourth arrest in nine months.

L.C. makes statement about Sex Tape

L.C. denies Sex TapeThe Drama continues….

On Lauren Conrad’s official website, she made a statement related to rumors of a possible sex tape between her and Jason Wahler.

“I am posting this note on my website regarding the reports that have circulated on the internet this morning. Jason and I would like to make it clear that we did not make a tape with us having sex. Jason and I are both shocked and hurt that people would say such horrible things about us. I can’t believe that somebody would go to such great lengths to try to damage my reputation. I feel very grateful and blessed to have friends and family to support me at this time. I would especially like to thank all my fans for standing by me.”

Sex Tape of L.C. & Jason Wahler to hit internet!

L.C. & Jason Wahler Sex Tape!Laguna Beach and The Hills reality stars Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler made a sex tape and it looks like it will be hitting the internet any day now…

Perezhilton.com reports that Lauren, or ‘LC’ as she’s referred to in the shows, is aware the tape exists but thought she had the only copy.

“Jason is trying to sell the video before he goes to jail,” a source close to Wahler told the website. “LC will lose her mind when she finds out!”

Conrad, was so desperate to get hold of the tape she even tried breaking into Wahler’s house: “Lauren tried to break into Jason’s apartment to get the tape, she was practically stalking him and calling non-stop until he finally agreed to give her the video” a mutual friend of he pair revealed.

However LC is unaware that Wahler made a copy, which he is now trying to sell, and if no-one is prepared to buy it, Wahler is going to leak it online instead.

Lauren should look at the positives too. After all, it didn’t do Paris any harm…

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