Laguna Beach cast members – Where are they now?

With the premiere of Newport Harbor tonight on MTV, we thought it would be nice to look back on our favorite Laguna Beach cast members.



Brenna & Rocky are still friends

According to Brenna’s Myspace page

“For those of you who have been asking about my relationship with Rocky now, we are great friends again. We were willing to forgive and forget everything from last year and become friends again. I’m so happy! I guess that just shows you how strong our friendship is and we can make it through just about anything. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Laguna Beach Episode 10 – Recap

The show is starting to get interesting….here is the blogger’s world reviews of Laguna Beach’s episode 10‘s recap: “It’s not looking happy for Raquel this week, as Alex tells E.J. that he’s thinking of breaking up with Rock because she’s way too intense for him and he just wants to be single. E.J., sympathetic man that he is, says, “sucks for Rocky” and the boys are on their way. Doesn’t make you miss high school now, does it?….”

TV Blend : “Cami feels like everyone’s breaking up these days and when Cami has a feeling it usually becomes (that is if it isn’t already) an indisputable piece of Laguna truth. Cami-Kyndra shopping trash-talk scenes, which have consistently been the highlight of each of this season’s episodes, are proof that these girls can, while very much a part of the catty world of LB themselves, make some pretty valid (albeit obvious) insights about it, like that, um, no relationship has ever lasted in Laguna Beach.

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