Jason Wahler gets ENGAGED!

A six-month courtship has led to the promise of a lifetime together for former “Laguna Beach” star Jason Wahler and USC tennis player Katja Decker-Sadowski. TMZ reports that the one-time MTV personality recently slipped a four-carat, emerald cut diamond engagement ring on to the college freshman’s finger, which he purchased at XVI Karats.

Jason Wahler gets engaged


4 thoughts on “Jason Wahler gets ENGAGED!

  1. R u serious….what a douchebag….he is just leaving rehab, gets into a relationship with some blonde bimbo, who by the way has the worst attitude imaginable…Jason needs to have a serious reality check…I.E Jail time, and I mean a couple of years, then when he gets out he can rethink his pathetic excuse for a life…..Poor Lauren, how she must of felt being at the engagement party, not even knowing that is what is truly was. How men can be so rude I have no idea

  2. god you people are so freakign lame
    like seriously its a t.v show
    yes its my favorite
    but im not dumb enough to write comments on pictures of theirs and let alone gossip from fuckin magazines.
    im pretty sure they have more important things to worry about than what you think
    so give up
    cuz NOBODY cares douchebags.
    thanks bitches<33

  3. shut the fuck up mandah. looks to me like you’re writing. it’s called a reality show, you dumb-ass douchebag. jason you’re making a mistake, run while you can (with the ring), pawn it and buy a bigger one for lauren. she might take you back.

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